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I really appreciate that Martin and Laura are agents with integrity.

Through both my buying and selling experience with them I felt informed, updated, educated, and in good hands. I didn't feel the need to double or triple check things because I know they did before the documents even came to me. They concisely had my best interests in mind through both my purchase and sale of my home and were always there to keep the process moving and handle the stresses of the process so I wouldn't have to. Unless they retire, I don't anticipate moving to another agent due to their high regard for their clients and their desire to provide amazing service.

Nicole D

We couldn't have been more pleased with the service we received from both Martin and Laura Uribe.

 My wife and I contemplated many different options before deciding on short selling our property.  We consulted many different agents, but none of them felt right for our needs.  When we first met Martin and Laura, we knew they would be the right choice for us.  They made us feel comfortable and helped guide us through what seemed like an insurmountable ordeal.  They were patient and were always there to answer questions about every step of the process.  Whether it was the middle of the night or on weekends, they were always there for us.  Their experience was second to none and I truly believe had we gone with someone else, we would not have finalized our deal.  If you are looking for agents with professionalism, experience, integrity, and know how look no further than Martin and Laura. 


Selling one’s home can be a challenging process but with the help of the right realtor this process goes smoothly.

We wanted a realtor who can sell our home at the best price, in a timely manner and give us the personal attention we need. Martin and Laura Uribe were the right realtors for us. We were impressed with the way they presented themselves - very knowledgeable and professional and yet very personable. Those were the qualities we were looking for in a realtor and we were not disappointed. Martin explained the current housing situation, presented their marketing plan and worked with us in establishing our selling price. Laura on the other hand took care of the “soft side” of selling. She did the walk through of our home, suggested ways to de-clutter and staged our home in the most appealing way. With the help of their professional photographer, they were able to highlight the beauty of our home. The brochure produced to market our home was impeccable. With their marketing plan, our home reached numerous realtors and buyers. Open houses were held until they found the right buyer for our home. We appreciated Martin and Laura’s patience, availability, trust worthiness and most especially their expertise in negotiation. They made the sale of our home happen at the right time. If you are looking for the right realtor to sell your home, we highly recommend Martin and Laura Uribe. Give them a call. You will not be disappointed. R.A. Tustin, CA

Rica A.

We were very lucky to have Laura and Martin as our agents for our first home.

They guided us with great patience through this complicated short-sale process. They are very professional, working as a team and always on top of things. We would highly recommend this enthusiastic and friendly couple. Thank you, Laura and Martin!


I interviewed a couple of agents when I planned to sell my house and Martin is the one that impressed me the most.

After I chosen him as my agent, he showed me the great skill of negotiation, timely responsiveness and the knowledge of local property market. I didn't have the chance to compare him with other seller agents because I trusted him from the beginning until the time my house was sold. Martin works very hard. For example, he almost holds open house every weekend and provide me feedback if there are something positive. I am not sure if other agent can sell my house at a better price, but I am 100% satisfied with his service. I only met his partner, Laura for one or two times so I don't have too much impression on her. She helped me to stage the house, prepare some paperwork and maybe do some other work but I am not aware of. After all, it was a great experience to work with them and I would recommend sellers near Westpark and Columbus Grove to choose them as the seller agent.

Yikan Tang

We have known Martin and Laura for several years now and they have handled multiple real estate transactions for us.

We recently were looking to purchase a new home and once we located a property, our first call was to Martin and Laura. We trust not only their expertise in the local and regional market, but we also trust their opinion. We could have easily worked with the listing agent, but our gut told us we needed an advocate who would look out for our best interest. Without a doubt, we have found 2 of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and ethical people in the business. They not only understand the real estate portion of the transaction, but helped guide us through the 3rd party vendors (appraisal, inspection, escrow, and mortgage). There are hundreds, if not thousands of agents who can help you with a real estate transaction, but only 2 who I would stake my name and reputation on. I am happy they are my agents and even more proud to call them "friends"!

Eddie G.

Seven years ago, Laura and Martin helped us get our dream house through a challenging short sale.

Without their continued impeccable professional and emotional support, we would have given up a couple of times before closing the sale. Once again, because of Laura and Martin's professional and amazing managing skills we closed escrow on our first rental property last month. When possibly other agents would of walked away from our transaction, Laura and Martin saw us through extremely difficult obstacles imposed by the seller. Laura and Martin are defining example of a client-agent relationship, we trust that they have our best interest in mind. Get Today's real estate market data from Laura and Martin!

L. Holowko

Martin and Laura are a remarkable team and provide the perfect balance of professionalism with a personal touch.

We first met Martin and Laura back in 2012 when we were looking to sell our townhome. We actually interviewed several realtors and Martin and Laura came out on top by far. We had a lot of concerns and requirements and they were able to address each and every one of them to our complete satisfaction. Their motto of “Customer First,” ensured that we were comfortable throughout the entire process. It did take a bit to sell our home (but that was due to the stringent requirements of the property), but it was sold in 6 months at our original asking price. Fast forward a year, we were ready to purchase a new home and without hesitation we called Martin and Laura. Again, we had some very demanding requirements (not near railroad or freeway, built after 1979, remodeled, no pool, and most importantly, $/sqft. Explaining to them upfront that we were not in any hurry to purchase a home and could wait until the “perfect” home at the “perfect” deal came along, they trusted us and did not require us to sign any disclosures stating that we would only use them as our agents (as most all other agents will). The “looking” took over 2 years, and through it all, they were nothing but patient and professional. They sent us listings as soon as (and sometimes even before) it was on the market, worked with our schedule to see the homes, addressed our concerns on lead paint, asbestos, power lines, neighborhood, schools, etc…and if they did not know the answer, they gladly researched it. Martin and Laura were also extremely understanding when we pulled out of an offer simply because “we just did not feel right about the house.” They worked with the selling agent and escrow company so that we did not have to pay any penalties/fees. They reiterated again, that it’s our home, and it has to feel right, and we can just keep looking. We have recently closed on the “perfect” home. Martin and Laura have been nothing but amazing. The whole home buying process was daunting and very overwhelming. It was a true blessing to have Martin and Laura on our side during this process. Laura went through each and every page of the contract/agreement/requirements/disclosures with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the seller would pay for the bulk of the fees and changing language which would have been highly disadvantageous should there have been delays or other issues. She clearly explained and made sure we understood what we were signing before “signing our lives away.” Martin literally “babysat” all the vendors who came (termite, pest control, appraiser, etc.) to ensure they all did their jobs property and did not cut any corners to ensure our home was in good condition and would receive the proper repairs. He not only personally supervised one, but TWO home inspections (over 3 hours each!) to ensure every nook and cranny was inspected thoroughly. They even participated in the releasing of ladybugs and “making a wish” with our young daughter in the backyard to celebrate our new home and to help make the transition into a new home more exciting. Even after the close of escrow and the sale final, Martin and Laura continued to assist us in providing contractor/vendor referrals, follow up on pending jobs, answer questions, etc. The service Martin and Laura have provided more than exceeded our expectations of a realtor. We feel that the amount of time, dedication, attention, and care Martin and Laura provided us would have been the same as if they were purchasing their own home. In a day and age when customer service and basic work ethic are becoming a lost art, Martin and Laura are truly a rare find and a diamond in the rough. If you are even considering to purchase a home, we’d highly, highly, highly, recommend Martin and Laura to start you off on the process. They can help you figure out what’s truly important for you and your family, to narrow down the location/style/size/etc., and before you know it, you’ll be in your new home!


We worked with Martin and Laura on the sale of our condo, and the purchase of our new home and we couldn't be happier with their service!

 The sale of our condo was a tricky process and their persistence and expertise made it happen.  When shopping for our new home, we never felt pressured by them and they always provided their honest opinion to help guide us through the process.  Martin and Laura are both incredibly responsive and were always willing to provide an explanation on something we didn't understand.  I have already recommended them to friends and will continue to do so! 


Martin and Laura, David and I want to thank you so much for helping us sell our home in Orange.

  Your professional and pleasant attitude made the potentially stressful event of selling a house into a real walk in the park for our family. 


This is the fifth transaction that Martin and Laura have managed for me.

Since I live out of town, they not only have helped me buy, sell and unfortunately short sale a property, but also performed as quasi property Managers handling a miriad of details that were overwhelming for me. We just closed on the sale of my Tustin home yesterday. It was a difficult transaction - not because of the Uribe's, but there were at least three major obstacles that could have killed the deal. 1). My tenant tried to sabatoge the sale because he did not want to move, even though his lease would be honored. 2). The bank worked at a snail's pace and 3). There was turnover of escrow staff midway through the transaction which was a pain. The transaction was further complex with the buyers being foreign nationals, which are subject to more stringent underwriting guidelines for loan approval. In summary, this transaction could have easily died, but Martin and Laura are experts and very skilled in dealing with difficult people and issues that come out of left field. So for these reasons, I would not use anyone else. I would be willing to talk to anyone considering the Uribe's' services.

Suzanne K

When my husband and I decided to sell our first home, we interviewed 3 realtors, which were all experienced and supposedly great.

We decided to go with Martin and Laura, which we now feel that we had made the best decision. Besides from being experts in their field, Martin and Laura are very personable! They were always available, attentive to our needs and they made the whole process smooth. They even got us several offers! They will work hard to sell your home for the best price and either Martin or Laura will be at your open house, not like most realtors who send their assistant to do the open house. We are very happy with our results and recommend Martin and Laura to anyone looking to sell their home!

Nancy L

It was a pleasure working with Laura and Martin!

They have great synergy. They complement each other very well and are an amazing team. Between the two of them, there is nothing that is overlooked. They are detailed and goal oriented, and so knowledgeable of the real estate market. I had such a wonderful experience with Laura and Martin a few years ago that I chose them as my agents again. It was the right decision as they were able to get offers right away with their skillful marketing strategies. I was blown away at how quickly they sold my home. Buying or selling can be a stressful experience but they know how to work through the process so well that you can stay calm and comfortable. I have been on both sides with them and they did an exceptional job!

J. Yoshida

In reading other reviews regarding Martin and Laura, I see I can join the many who truly believe this team is as near perfect as a team can be.

Martin and Laura are amazing, awesome! I can honesty describe them as the best real estate team with whom you will ever work. Their's is a team of integrity, professionalism, kindness, knowledge, thoughtfulness, patience, all with a personal touch. You do feel like you are their priority. My condo was on the market for five months with another real estate agency; several showings but no offers. I was referred to Martin by a friend. I met Martin and Laura shortly after; condo was beautifully staged by Laura, beautiful professional pictures were taken by a professional photographer. The condo was shown once and sold in less than a month from the time I met Martin and Laura. Martin and Laura kept me informed of each step; Laura explained all paperwork that needed signature via a secure online signing system, "easy peasy" it was. Another person, observing the process of this sale who has sold several properties before stated, "I have never been nor seen anyone shepherd a sell like this before". Apparently by all the reviews, Martin and Laura do this with all their clients. Martin personally delivered my escrow papers to me. Laura sent her regards even though she was unable to join him that day. WHAT A WONDERFUL TEAM!!!! I have referred them to a neighbor who is planning to sell her condo. Martin also offered to connect me with a person in AZ with whom I could obtain a BPO on a property I own there. Martin and Laura are the BEST!!!!

Sarah Lawson

I was referred to Martin and Laura to help me sell a home inherited from a relative in a gated over-55 community.

I was not local and did not know much about the home. What a team! They staged the home, suggested inexpensive changes to make it stand out, brought in a top flight photographer and marketed in all the right places. I never learned how much they invested up front. They listed the home at a seller's price then obtained a full-price offer. They nurtured the escrow while the buyers sold a different home and obtained financing. Martin even fixed the air conditioning without charge, when it failed. Martin and Laura streamlined paperwork and used technology to get needed signatures. They were knowledgeable and accessible and inspired so much confidence so that the sale was essentially stress-free. I would give them 6 stars if I could.

Doug Donesky

I highly recommend Martin and Laura.

They are not only very knowledgeable and professional, but were extremely detailed and focused in meeting our needs. They walked us through every step of searching, negotiating and closing. Most important, they made sure we understood every single step and every paper we signed. They are proactive and responsive. Martin and Laura are a great team. My family and I were fortunate to meet them. They made it very easy for us to purchase our home.

Javier Posada

In very few instances can you get an experience in service as great as the one we had with Martin and Laura.

  We moved back to the East Coast from Irvine and left our home literally in their hands.  Through the worst real estate market in decades this wonderful team handled the whole process of renting the property for a few years (difficult tenants included) and then, when we decided, putting the house on the market for sale.  We got excellent advice on when it was right to sell and what  the right price to sell was. As a result we got what we think was the best deal we could wish for.   If you are looking for a trusted real estate advisor, do not hesitate: Martin and Laura will exceed your highest expectations. 


I recently sold my house.

I thought it would be difficult and stressful. But then I met Martin and Laura Uribe! I cannot praise them enough.They are professional, knowledgeable, thorough, trustworthy, patient, polite - and much more. They went above and beyond to make the sales procedure easier for me. Martin would explain every document I signed - and explain again if asked. He arranged our meetings close to my present home to accommodate me. He kept in frequent contact. Laura and Martin together did a fantastic job of making the house and grounds appealing to buyers. Martin even put water in the pool when needed so I didn't have to make an 80 mile round trip several times a week! Were my expectations fulfilled? Yes - over and above! If you are selling your house, I highly recommend Martin and Laura Uribe of First Team. Definitely Five Stars!


I was moving out of state and needed to sell my condo quickly.

I was referred to Martin & Laura by a friend who had worked with them in the past (as a co-worker not client).I met Martin and did a walk through of my condo. Martin pointed out the specific areas I needed to address before putting the property up on the market. He even referred me to service providers who could do the job quickly and for a very reasonable prices. I was concerned I would have to put a significant amount of money into the preparations for sale but Martin showed me how to keep the repairs to a minimum.During the same time period, I was traveling back and forth to my new residence which kept me from focusing on the preparing the property for sale. Martin was extremely understanding and did not pressure me to move forward until I was ready. Any delays in the process was strictly due to challenges with my schedule.Martin went "over and above" my expectations by helping manage/supervise a couple of the projects that needed to get done when I wasn't available Once the repairs were completed and I had completely moved out (I had already left the state), Laura staged the property and the photos came out GREAT!That weekend Martin & Laura held an open house at the condo. Within a day I had 6 offers, 3 or 4 which were viable. I really appreciated Martin's insight and experience when I was evaluating the offers. He thoroughly reviewed them all with me, pointing out some of the pros/cons with each. We narrowed it down to the top two and focused on them. Martin then went back and asked for "final and best" offer from each. I ended up with an offer that was more than I was originally asking!I was able to complete 90+% of the paperwork via a secure online signing system. This make the whole process MUCH easier, especially since I was no longer available to sign docs in person. It only took 31 days from seeing the offers for the first time to closing escrow!Working with Martin and Laura was a pleasure and they made the process much easier than I would have ever expected. They took the time to explain every detail and I never felt uncomfortable or overwhelmed by the sales process.I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is looking for real estate agents and I would love to work with them again if I ever have a need to move back to SoCal!Many thanks to both of you! 


Martin and Laura have sold three of my homes, helped me find tenants for rentals and found a rental for me personally.

 They are a great team.  Martin deals with the various buyers, sellers, agents, subcontractors, legal issues and financial services companies and is great at negotiations and trouble shooting.  Martin is a financial whiz.   Laura does all the marketing and keeps all the behind-the-scenes work running smoothly and on time so that escrows close on time.    She is very efficient and professional.  I have known them for 15 years and hope to work with them another 15.   I wouldn't go anywhere else. 


Martin and Laura are highly experienced in the real estate field.

 I've known them for seven years and recently had my property listed and sold by them.  Honest, hardworking, and will treat you like family. I highly recommend Martin and Laura to anyone looking to sell property or purchase property. You can't find a better team in all of Southern California.


Martin and Laura Uribe did an outstanding job selling our townhouse in Columbus Grove.

From our first meeting with them, their deep knowledge of our community, professionalism and warmth inspired our confidence and trust. After hearing our plans and needs from the sale, Martin and Laura did an in depth assessment of the market and our home. They shared their findings with us and recommended a price well in excess of other nearby listings, but fully supported by our home’s finish and condition and the overall market. We immediately moved into sale preparations with a photography session. We were overjoyed with the quality of the advertising brochures they prepared which looked like an Architectural Digest presentation. Their advertising strategy was just as professional and produced excellent results. After the first open house we received four offers that Martin quickly analyzed and verified. Once we accepted the winning offer, Martin helped us with all documentation providing sound advice on the sales agreement and coordinating the timely completion of the buyer’s due diligence. Throughout the process Martin and Laura kept us well informed of progress and were always ready to assist us with our move. The sale closed ahead of schedule at 99% of our listing price and was far easier than I imagined. We sincerely recommend Martin and Laura Uribe to any home seller or buyer. We are confident you will be happy with the results!

Bob and Joann Stevens

Selecting the right professional real estate agent is very important and a difficult task.

We interviewed three agents when we planned to sell our house in the Columbus Grove Community. Martin and Laura Uribe are the one that impressed us the most. They are the super star team, who provided us with the expertise and knowledge of the local real estate market that we needed. They hired a top notch photographer to take the professional photographs of our house. We enjoyed working with Martin and Laura as they were very organized, professional, friendly and excellent service. They provided us feedbacks on every Open House and updated us on what is going on with the property. They showed a lot of patience in answering all our questions and doubts we put forward as we were concerned about putting our house on the market. They helped us put the house at the right market price and developing a strategy, including social media to generate traffic and therefore interest buyers for our house. Our expectations were completely fulfilled and are very satisfied with the result. We were able to get an offer within a month of listing on the market. We would say hands down, go with Martin and Laura, and we already did refer a neighbor who was on the fence about choosing an agent.


Martin and Laura are exceptional Realtors.

 They make an outstanding team, and in my opinion are among the best in the business.We utilized Martin and Laura's services in connection with a short sale of a condominium, and in the purchase of a new home.  They were able to produce outstanding results in the difficult and unique situations that these transactions presented.I was repeatedly impressed with their willingness to go above and beyond in working to achieve our goals, even where those goals at times seemed impossible.  They approached my questions and concerns with patience and understanding, and handled the entire process with honesty and integrity. At the end of the day, they got the job done and I was very happy with the results.Over the years I have come to appreciate Martin and Laura's genuine and deep understanding of the real estate transaction process.  I know I can rely on their advice, and wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone. 


I've enjoyed working with the Uribe team on a couple of different transactions.

They have always been extremely professional, very knowledgeable and they have always conducted themselves with the utmost integrity. One basic aspect of customer service that I appreciate is integrity. They can be counted on to do what they say they are going to do and be where they say they are going to be. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home.

Richard H.

We have known Martin and Laura since we planned to buy our 2nd home for more than 5 years now at least.

From 2 kids to 3, our home buying needs grow with it and they were helping us from door to door. Their expertise, professionalism and expertise are superb. They make sure to explain everything to us so we will know what to expect in every step of the process. They are very precise and patient. Most importantly, they have such good hearts and have so much respect not only for us but for the other parties’ involved. Thank you so much Martin and Laura! We wouldn’t be able to make it without you and we are looking forward to work with you again when we are ready for our next home.

Vince & Sheryl Laygo

We really enjoyed working with Martin and Laura last year.

They are both very professional individuals and helped us through the entire process of selling our home. Every week we had feedback from them on their progress and updates on the market. Working directly with Martin, he is very methodical and explains everything he is doing in a step-by-step manner. He is very conscientious, thorough and respectful of our home at all times. I would highly recommend working with both of them.

C. Spillar

We worked with Martin and Laura on the sale of our home in Irvine.

We interviewed a few other well known agents in the area but found Martin & Laura to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They explained us their entire sales and marketing strategy in detail and patiently answered all our questions. Martin took care of all the minute details of making our house ready for sale. This included, but not limited to, coordinating cleaning, painting and any repairs that were needed prior to putting our house on the market. Laura was in charge of staging our home to make it more attractive to buyers. Their professional photographer did a great job showcasing the salient features of our house. As a result, within the first 4 days on the market, we received multiple offers. Martin negotiated the offers to obtain the best price and sale terms. The property sold ABOVE asking price and closed escrow in 14 days. Throughout the sale process, Martin kept us apprised of the progress and made sure timelines for contingencies are met. We're extremely satisfied with the results achieved. If you are thinking of selling your home and need an honest, hardworking and responsive agent, look no further and hire Martin and Laura. They are the best, they know the area well and will sell your home quickly.

F Rafique

Both Martin and Laura did a great job in marketing and selling our house.

Their marketing plan included both local as well key international regions with mention on all property websites which greatly helped to bring in added traffic. They held open houses regularly and were very inviting to the potential buyers. During the sale process they kept us well informed and diligently followed up with all potential leads. At the time of the Close, all of the paperwork were handled professionally and accurately. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced realtor.

Raj Thakur

We had been searching for properties for quite a while.

Upon dropping by one particular open house, we met Mr. Martin where he listened to our preferences, and had just the right property to show us. We loved the property, and immediately began the escrow process with Mr. Martin as our agent. A home-buying process, aka escrow, is nothing like going to your local grocery store to buy milk, a very intense process where professionals do their part in finalizing the transaction; Mr. Martin and Mrs. Laura guided us throughout this process, making it very simple, answering our questions, sharing their expertise and knowledge, and we finished the closing much sooner than expected. Today, we live in a property that brings us peace and happiness, and we are grateful to Mr. Martin and Mrs. Laura for their utmost professionalism and prompt management of our property buying process. Herewith peace of mind as a priority, we recommend Mr. Martin & Mrs. Laura to be your real estate professionals, especially here in southern California.


Martin and Laura are an amazing couple.

They go beyond the scope of their job as realtors. They took care of our needs, answering our questions promptly and politely, and made the paperwork as easy and uncomplicated as possible.They are extremely knowledgeable of the real estate industry and their individual strengths compliment each other. Our expectations were more than fulfilled as they continued to amaze us throughout the process of selling my mom's rental, purchasing another property and then getting it rented. We recommend that if you have the opportunity to work with them don't hesitate as you will not be disappointed. They are the best!

John and Kristine Williams

Yes they did it again!

We recently had the pleasure of working with Martin and Laura again, for the third time. Yes, third time, and if we have to do this again, we will definitely do it with them. We have known them for over 5 years now. They have been helping us with the growing needs of our family. From buying our 2nd home, selling it and to buying our third home. They are very professional, responsive and very knowledgeable. On top of that, they are very respectful, personable and caring. We can’t thank them enough for continuing to be there to make home ownership as easy and smooth as possible.

S. Laygo

I recently closed on my first home thanks to the help of Martin and Laura!

Navigating this process can be scary and unknown and I was a bit fearful that I'd do something wrong or overlook an important piece. I had confidence that Martin and Laura were watching out for me and my best interest through the entire process. They were quick to respond when I found properties that I was interested in and helped me navigate around bad areas and deals that seemed "too good to be true". I also appreciated that as I worked through things after the sale they were still available to answer questions and provide suggestions or solutions for me. It wasn't a relationship that ended the second the sale was complete and I can't tell you how thankful I was for that.

Nicole D.

Martin and Laura were the agents we used for our home purchase.

Words cannot express how glad we were to have picked them. Being first time home buyers can be a scary and exiting feeling. So, having an agent that you can trust and rely on is very important. Throughout the process of finding our home Martin and Laura were very patient, showing us house after house and answering all our questions. I would defiantly recommend them for your next home purchase or sale. They are very knowledgeable and will go out of their way for their clients.

Diane Romo

Professional, prompt, knowledgeable, relational and everything you want in a great relator❗️So glad we found them.

Judy and Larry
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